Which web browsers work with Merlin Navigator?

Any of the following web browsers work with Merlin Navigator: IE 6 or later (Windows), Firefox 2 or later (Mac, Windows, or Linux), Safari 2 or later (Mac).

Javascript must be enabled, and Flash is recommended. For more information on this please visit our support pages.

Can I upgrade, or cancel later?

You can upgrade the service later if you need to add users. You will be able to cancel the service and receive a refund assuming you have not received your results of your test.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept POs, cheques, or invoices to be paid at a later date. Once you have setup your account one of our support team will manually activate your account.

Project Administrator Details

This is the master log-in for your account. All fields are required. Once your account is set up you can add accounts for other participants. Each team member will have their own username and password.

Passwords should be a minimum of 8 characters

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This is the name of your organisation e.g. Unilever, IBM

This is a critical goal against which you are measuring performance. Please be as specific and ambitious as possible in stating this goal.

We are either a team or group working on a specific goal.

Start Up: a limited operating history, new enterprise, uncharted country, new relationships, not much history of collective success or failure.
This will appear the first time a participant logs in. You can explain project goals, the purpose of the project etc.



The date by which all participants have to complete their responses by.
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submit the project and use the results available


Name Your Group

Please insert the name below that you would like your team/organisation/group to be called to see how it personalises the Merlin Navigator.

The following are example statements:

  • The Type Your Group Name has an inspiring vision.
  • In the Type Your Group Name people do not cooperate.
  • In the Type Your Group Name people feel they are in the same boat.


Number of Participants Required

There are participants.

£350.00 per member = £3500.00 GBP



I would like to purchase a year of the toolbox at £2500.00



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