How will the Merlin Navigator benefit our business?

The Merlin Navigator will;
- Help your projects sustain momentum
- Create Breakthroughs when you get stuck
- Minimize gaps and valleys
- Bridge business and engineering credibility and behavioral change
- Provide a high-quality alternative to expensive on-site coaching and consulting services
- Identify where specific correction is needed
- Help leaders and groups to de-clutter current realities that may be inhibiting the achievement of their goals
- Offer fast, simple, on-time, in-time advice on how to move a project forward
- Help you respond to needs as they are arise
- Becomes a trusted advisory tool that can be used over and again to produce innovative new perspectives, tailored to specific situations.

Who sees the results?

You choose who gets to see the results when you add your team members to the system.

I'm worried my team members won't give honest answers, what can I do to ensure they do?

All responses are treated in the strictest confidence and the results are analysed on a team basis, not an individual basis, so team members shouldn't be afraid of giving honest answers to the statements. Each member will be notified of this before they start the questionnaire.

What is the Merlin Navigator Toolbox?

The Merlin Navigator Toolbox is the next step; it gives you specific advice on how you can improve your performance and the team's overall performance in the eight critical factors.

I've forgotten my password! What can I do?

You can have your password reset by clicking here.

Can I buy access to the Toolbox after I've purchased a team license for the Merlin Navigator?

Yes. You will be given the opportunity to purchase access to the Toolbox once your results are ready.

Do I need to purchase a team license for the Merlin Navigator in order to buy access to the Toolbox?

Yes. Only members of the Merlin Navigator can access the Toolbox.

Can I become a reseller of the Merlin Navigator?

If you are a successful company or individual who see that the Merlin Navigator and Merlin Toolbox can be complementary and significant to your own business growth please contact either Dominic Turnbull or Charles Smith.

I have a sales question

Please contact either Charles Smith (US & Latin America) or Dominic Turnbull (Europe & Rest of World).

I have a technical support question

Please visit our support pages once logged in. If you still have technical support issues please contact Gareth Evans.

I have a payment query

Please contact Vic Crew regarding any payment enquiries.

What are the different ways to pay?

We accept cheques and bank transfers.

How can I get consulting support or training in using the Merlin Navigator?

Please contact us if you would like to book a Consultant.