Dominic Turnbull

Dominic Turnbull, 38, has over 14 years experience in management consultancy and has worked all over the world delivering and implementing company-wide programmes and personalised executive coaching. He currently works with leaders and teams in some of the world's leading blue chip organisations.

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Charles Smith
Executive Director

Charlie has been an organizational development consultant for 40 years. He is married with five children and four grandchildren and lives in Windermere, Florida. His passion is in stimulating possibility thinking and helping leaders and groups do what they are capable of, and not just what they do.

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Tony Turnbull
Non-Executive Director

Tony Turnbull, 66, has experience spanning over 3 decades of line management in the consumer products industry. Having worked with leading global companies such as Procter & Gamble in the Supply Chain, Human Resources and Product Launch functions, he built a very solid landing base for his consulting.

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